This shoot all started when I had some free time. To change things up, I picked up my first old camera, my Canon Rebel T6 with 75-300mm lens. For many months I have been shooting on my Fujifilm XT3 camera with 18-55mm lens and I love that camera. But, using this big ol' scope of a telephoto lens was fun and I was surprised at how close I can get to subjects from a good distance away. I recommend a telephoto lens for any one starting off because it gives you a good distance away from people, animals, nature and such so at your own time and without notice, often you can get your shot. Anyways, I did not know where to go, just that I wanted to take some photos, then the idea came to me to go to the park, I thought I could get a nice variety of photos there. Here are the photos from the small trip.

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