Hello my name is Brian Wangenheim. I have been involved in the creative arts my whole life. I remember picking up my first disposable film camera in first grade, drawing with pastels, making strange sculptures while getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cal State Long Beach (graduated 2015), and eventually sticking with photography. Photography has allowed me to engage with people and the world in a creative way. That candid enjoyment I got taking photos as a kid, I still alive in me today.  I have been taking photos professionally for about 5 years. I am passionate and serious about what I do - so you can expect masterful work while hiring me for any project you have.

What makes me different?
Well, take a look at my portfolio for starters. You can see I show a lot of work that I do. It is because photography is more than a business to me, It is a way of life, how I engage and interact with the world, letting people see the beauty, hope and all positive things that I see. My personal style is definitely authentic, documentary style photos - but I also enjoy doing staged and studio work. On my free-time I like to go to events and capture what I see with history in mind. I like to send a positive message through the photos I take. I also like to show and make my work available. That's why I even make some of my photographs available for free. I enjoy helping others, I am happy with my life, I have a wife and two young kiddos, and I have a faith in God. I think life is a gift and we should all make the best of it.

You can see my credits here:

Here is what REAL people say about me:

"Had a great time working with Brian, we got some excellent shots. Brian allowed me to do whatever made me feel comfortable when it came to poses. Very Professional." - Donn S.

"Brian is wonderful to work with. He was professional, friendly, and went above and beyond to get a great shot. Overall it was a great experience and I would love to work with him again!" - Paul Q.

"Brian is a talented photographer and artist that really allows the model to be comfortable. He's got a sharp vision and his cues are masterful. Would love to work with again" - Lauren H.

"Such a fun and productive shoot! Brian had such a quick turn around for all the great edited photos!" - Kimberly H.

➼ 38+ Million views on Unsplash.com and over 190k downloads of my work. 
➼ Photography published online in places such as: Men's Journal, Yahoo Finance, Medium, Popular Science, Psychology Today, BuzzFeed, University of Oregon and many more. 
➼ RRCIA, Cal State Parks First Place Wildlife Photography Contest (2019) 
➼ Certified Remote/Drone Pilot (FAA) 
➼ Commercial Real Estate Drone Certification by Drone Base 2022
➼ Ham Radio Technician Class License (FCC) 
➼ Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED (Red Cross) 
➼ Photos published in Style Equation Magazine March/April Issue 2022
➼ Photos published in Style Equation Magazine July/Aug Issue 2022
 ➼ Honorable Mention - Advanced Category - Pictorial Scapes 2022 (LPA)

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