Photography by Brian Joseph Wangenheim
Location: San Gabriel Airport, El Monte, CA USA
Camera: Fujifilm XT3
Lens: Fujinon 18-55mm
Edited in Adobe Lightroom Classic

This event was great. There were a lot of veterans with interesting stories and many people knowledgeable in aircraft vehicles. I had a great time talking to the people I did talk to and I learned a lot about flying. Here are the photos from the event, everything is pretty much self-explanatory. I do feel it important to mention that towards the bottom of the photo stream is a picture of a WW2 Veteran, yes I said WW2, this guy was so old he was sleeping in his chair pretty much, but you still have to respect the guy, he was putting Nazis down before most of us were born lol... and we will all eventually be old one day. Anyways, enjoy the photos!

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