So this was my first time attending Wasteland Weekend. I live relatively close to the event, so through volunteering I was able to pay my way through. Although, I only attended day 1, 2, and 3. Day 2 I took no photography because I was working a security shift where I walked 10 miles through the hot desert. After that, I had no energy left in me to take photographs. So I only photographed day 1 and 3. When I arrived I was told Wasteland Weekend "was like Burning Man for the non-hippies" that gave me a chuckle. Wasteland Weekend is a post-apocalyptic themed event held in the desert. Everything is themed from costumes, the city, campgrounds, automobiles, etc. It feels like you are in a different world and I had a great time. Here are the photos from day 1 of the event. If you attended this event and happened to get my business card you and only you have permission to get your photo from this website via a screen-shot OR you can directly contact me and I will provide you with a .jpg file. For those who plan on attending Wasteland Weekend in the future, I highly recommend it, the people are great and believe it or not everyone gets along well and I thought it was very safe. You may see people here and there not fully clothed, but it is a very rare occasion, none of my photographs show such occasions. It is not an event for sensitive people, if I am putting that right. Do your own research and see if you would like to go! Enjoy the photos! (I am not employed or affiliated with Wasteland Weekend and none of these photos are being used for commercial purposes in any way, shape, or form)